3D Double Magnetic Eyelashes No Glue Reusable $7.99

Magnetic False Eyelashes will make your life so much easier,and these lashes are lightweight and Time -consuming. No more glue,no more hurt any more. you deserve have it !

Note:2 pieces lashes for one eye,so, you need 4 pieces(2 pairs) lashes for a pair of eyes
Craft: Handmade
Material: Imported Fiber
False Eyelashe Length:1-1.5cm
False Eyelashes Terrier: Plastic Black soft Cotten Terrier
False Eyelashes Style:Long & Thick
Use: Reusable up to 25 times with proper care
Procedure : Cruelty-Free/Safe
Package include:4pcs

How to use:
1.Hold top one two lash(the one without the red dot)over your eye
2.Position lash on top of your natural,so the outside edge lines up with the edge of your natural lash line.
3.Leave the top lash where it is,and pick up the bottom lash(the one with the red dot)
4.Without blinking,place the bottom lash under your natural lashes,so it meets and connects with the top lash magnet.